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“that’s the wonder of the Museum of Water — it explores how water is part of history, humanity and who we are. How it shapes us, washes over us, becomes part of us. And the stories it leaves behind.” 


“Water is the force that flows through birth, love, loss, home, holidays, danger, adventure and grief. It is life, death and all the washing up in between. Which is what you want from a museum – the whole of human life. Bottled.” 


” Museum of Water is a subtle and profound work, taking us on a journey that starts with sipping from a glass of water and ends with pondering our relationship with our planet.” 


Within five minutes she overturned all my preconceptions and i was in no doubt the WA edition of Museum of Water, surely destined to be one of the highlights of this year’s Perth International Arts Festival, will be lyrical, imaginative and moving collection of stories by, and for, all os us.” William Yeoman, Weekend West 4-5 February 2017


“We are a different kind of museum” in depth Q&A with Amy Sharrocks about Museum of Water in


in Perth, Australia,



“This quirkiest of experiences is watertight” **** 


“An engaging exhibition with a strong socio-political message about how we take a necessity of life for granted and thus it proves to be a thoughtful display”


“The collection is endlessly fascinating, incredibly moving and often rather amusing… it’s difficult to imagine any visitor to this installation failing to be inspired by the hundreds of beautifully lit vessels and accompanying handwritten notes and not wanting to be a part of it” 


“A most unusual exhibition”


“not your average collection of items on display in a museum.”


“invites people to consider how precious water is and what it means to us individually.”


“Amy Sharrocks invited visitors to consider their relationship with water by bringing precious samples… a melted snowman, droplets from a baby’s bath and sacred draughts from an Indian river. London’s newest museum.”


“a series of narratives about scarcity and generosity, meshed together in the contents of the bottles is the fragility and resilience of human life.”


“Water, the source of life, has been the inspiration for a travelling museum that has become a triumph in public engagement.”


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Museum of Water and SWIM books available .

Read  by Claire Trévien in her latest collection:

BBC World Service’s series The Why Factor interviewed Amy about Museum of Water as part of an episode called

The winner of Live at LICA’s Museum of Water is David Hartley and Sarah Leavesley as Highly Commended. Live at LICA and  were seeking entries from budding writers to celebrate the in the gallery at The Storey 6-8 & 20-22 February 2015. Writers were asked to submit a new piece of writing, maximum 500 words, in response to the exhibition. Texts of all forms were welcome – from haiku to micro fiction, poem to prose.

From the Deepest Depth by David Harley

Bottled by Sarah Leavesley






Further reading about Amy Sharrocks’ other work:


Stanley Ulijaszek

(University of Oxford Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity Opinion Paper 5, 2014)

Simon Usborne

(The Independent, 11th July 2009)

Ed Caesar
‘An even bigger SPLASH’ (The Independent, 16th July 2007)

Agnieszka Gratza
‘London Waterworks’


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